County seat: Pembroke, with auxiliary services in Richmond Hill

Official county website:

County Commission:

Meetings: 5:30 p.m. on second Tuesdays each month. Meeting alternate locations: Odd-numbered months in Pembroke; even, Richmond Hill.


Minutes for all meetings:

Bryan County Schools:


School-aged children at center of Georgia’s latest Covid surge

Specialist says Savannah-Chatham mask mandate stemmed some spread.

About 60 percent of current Covid outbreaks in Georgia are occurring in K-12 schools across the state, public health officials said Tuesday.
That’s seven times more than the child outbreaks in previous virus surges.

Research connects black gill in shrimp to warming climate

Although harmless for human consumption, parasitic disease can cut harvests for coastal shrimpers.

Researchers at the UGA Skidaway Institute of Oceanography led by Marc Frischer have learned a lot over the last few years about the parasite that causes black gill and the conditions that allow it to thrive. 


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