County seat: Pembroke, with auxiliary services in Richmond Hill

Official county website:

County Commission:

Meetings: 5:30 p.m. on second Tuesdays each month. Meeting alternate locations: Odd-numbered months in Pembroke; even, Richmond Hill.


Minutes for all meetings:

Bryan County Schools:


CAT buses go electric

Chatham Area Transit is among the first mass transit systems in Georgia to embrace the cleaner technology

With six battery electric buses, Chatham Area Transit is among the first public transportation systems in Georgia to embrace the new technology

Liberty County sheriff opens probe into traffic stop, drug search involving HBCU student-athletes

Women’s lacrosse players at Delaware State University have accused sheriff’s deputies of racial profiling.

As detailed in an article written by a lacrosse player in the Delaware State college newspaper, deputies stopped the bus for illegally using the left lane, before proceeding to search the team’s luggage that was stored in the cargo bay beneath the bus. No drugs were found.


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