County seat: Pembroke, with auxiliary services in Richmond Hill

Official county website:

County Commission:

Meetings: 5:30 p.m. on second Tuesdays each month. Meeting alternate locations: Odd-numbered months in Pembroke; even, Richmond Hill.


Minutes for all meetings:

Bryan County Schools:


Petitioners aim to force a vote on Spaceport Camden

Opponents race to collect signatures ahead of a licensing decision expected Dec. 15

Some residents don’t want the county saddled with the risk that accompanies the polluted site proposed for the spaceport.

Entangled whale spotted off Cumberland Island with new calf

‘Snow Cone’s’ calf, the second newborn recorded this season, is not entangled in the rope

Before her appearance off Cumberland, Snow Cone was last seen on November 6 in southern New England. North Atlantic right whales migrate from their summer feeding grounds off New England and Canada to give birth off Georgia and Florida in the winter.

Scientists need your help spotting monarch butterflies in Georgia

Report monarch butterflies, caterpillars or eggs you see in the state this winter

The butterflies are a candidate for listing under the endangered species act, so understanding their population and changing behavior is key for scientists and officials making that decision.

The Tide: Savannah bike trail re-opens

The small trail gives a glimpse of greater connectivity in the works

The Police Memorial Trail is short, as trails go, just 0.6 miles. Savannah refurbished it over the spring and summer, adding a little height to give adjacent tree roots room to grow and resurfacing its entire length in concrete. It doesn’t exactly connect anything yet, but it will, city officials promised as they ceremonially opened…


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