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Sapelo Island’s Geechee residents worry state Senate bill could disenfranchise them

Descendants of enslaved African community have been on Sapelo Island for 13 generations. Just 30 descendants of the original 44 enslaved families remain

Rep. Buddy DeLoach said the seat will be given to a resident of the community on Sapelo Island. But according to Bailey, the descendants on the island were not informed of the bill, and Bailey only learned of it through a contact on the Capitol floor.

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Community day honors Butler Island’s story

What was it like to be a slave in Georgia? Black historians describe the life, the struggle and heritage of these Americans.

Butler Island’s nearly 900 slaves grew rice in Coastal Georgia before being sold to pay off their master’s debts. Residents gathered to pay homage to this past.

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Election 2022: McIntosh County

Quick directory, links to track 2022 candidates on social media, sites and finances.

Here are the candidates for McIntosh County offices for the November General Election. Click icons to follow links to social media feeds, web sites, campaign finance information, when available. MCINTOSH COUNTY COMMISSION DISTRICT 1

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