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public safety

Glynn County residents meet police chief nominee

Candidate takes questions, says Evans would stay on as assistant chief.

Battiste hasn’t been officially confirmed by the county commission, but as the sole finalist of the high-stakes search, it’s likely he will be. The evening event, his first time to meet the community reeling from Ahmaud Arbery’s killing last year, held the potential to help or hurt the county’s reckoning with racial tensions.



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The Tide: Separating pork from bull

Revived earmarks plan brings opportunity, challenge for Buddy Carter.

Buddy Carter stakes out his earmarks while his party disapproves, district looks for funds for projects.

The Tide: Mumps, measles – what are the odds?

Most schools have required immunizations for decades.

College students in Georgia university system must take a number of immunizations before entering class but a vaccine for COVID-19 isn’t one of them.

The Tide: Carter casts a Senate net

Potential run puts new context on every move as candidates line up for Warnock seat.

Coastal Georgia’s sole representative looks to move to the Senate.


Journalism’s longstanding Achilles’ heel: partisans who cry bias

A quick history of media, partisans and the blowback to democracy when claims go awry.

For half a century, crying bias has been a strategic communication tactic used against newspapers and broadcasters who strive to adhere to professional norms of dispassionate objectivity. It’s like kryptonite for responsible news organizations: the stronger their piety to journalistic ethics and the ideal of objectivity, the more vulnerable they are to accusations made in bad faith.

Zero-trust security: Assume everyone, everything on the internet is out to get you – and maybe already has

Too much trust online creates epidemic of cyber insecurity.

There were at least 2,354 ransomware attacks on local governments, health care facilities and schools in the U.S. last year. Although estimates vary, losses to ransomware seem to have tripled in 2020 to more than $300,000 per incident. And ransomware attacks are growing more sophisticated.


Thiokol explosion: 50 years later, families seek to be remembered

Those killed and maimed weren’t wearing uniforms like the thousands of Georgians deployed aboard during the war. They were mostly poor, Black women who worked for $1.65 an hour assembling trip flares for the U.S. Army at the Thiokol Chemical Corp. plant in Woodbine.

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