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Camden petitions support the effort to “deny the Commissioners the right to spend taxpayer funds to buy the Union Carbide property identified for Spaceport Camden.”

Petitioners aim to force a vote on Spaceport Camden

Opponents race to collect signatures ahead of a licensing decision expected Dec. 15

Some residents don’t want the county saddled with the risk that accompanies the polluted site proposed for the spaceport.


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The Tide: Savannah bike trail re-opens

The small trail gives a glimpse of greater connectivity in the works

The Police Memorial Trail is short, as trails go, just 0.6 miles. Savannah refurbished it over the spring and summer, adding a little height to give adjacent tree roots room to grow and resurfacing its entire length in concrete. It doesn’t exactly connect anything yet, but it will, city officials promised as they ceremonially opened…

Okefenokee mine project: What is titanium used for?

Also found on beaches, the minerals Twin Pines want from nearby land used in products from food dyes to artificial joints.

Alabama-based Twin Pines Minerals wants to mine heavy mineral sands from 8,000 acres near the Okefenokee for titanium, a metal that’s both common and extraordinary.



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The Tide: First right whale calf arrives

Along with new baby comes a cautionary tale of another calf, the $1.1M sport-fishing boat that struck it in February.

With the first right whale calf of the season arriving, a reminder to watch out for these highly endangered animals while boating.

Alternative fuels hit the road in Savannah

The Clean Energy Roadshow encourages businesses and local government evaluate their choices for greener fleets

School buses are typically loud, and not just from all the kids yelling. About 95% of America school buses have rumbly, noisy and polluting diesel engines. But…



Thiokol explosion: 50 years later, families seek to be remembered

Those killed and maimed weren’t wearing uniforms like the thousands of Georgians deployed aboard during the war. They were mostly poor, Black women who worked for $1.65 an hour assembling trip flares for the U.S. Army at the Thiokol Chemical Corp. plant in Woodbine.

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