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Test from Camden County in 2017. (Spaceportcamden.us)

Georgia requests more time for Spaceport Camden review

County hires former Kemp aides, the sixth consulting company for spaceport work.

Camden County is proposing to build a commercial spaceport on the coast in Woodbine, Georgia, featuring a rocket launch trajectory over salt marsh and tidal waters, as well as the Cumberland Island National Seashore. A spaceport operator license would not allow the county to actually launch rockets; each launch would still require an additional federal license.



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The Tide: Pecans with a side of horse racing

Senate bill would give Georgia an official nut.

Pecans get some love this week in the Georgia Legislature as the Senate seeks to make them the state nut and the House considers horse racing to help diversify pecan farmer income.

The Tide: A fight to save the legacy of Savannah’s Virginia Kiah

Kiah died 20 years ago, but her estate remains stuck in probate court, her artwork remains under wraps and her house is an endangered site.

Three stories this week take a look at the two-decade delay to settle the Civil Rights activist’s estate, imperiling the restoration of her house as a landmark.

The Tide: Mallow bill looks for change through education

New legislation seeks to broaden Georgia's understanding of Black achievement.

Legislation would highlight African American achievements from ancient civilizations to current day as part of Georgia’s public school standard curriculum.


The current originals

Thiokol explosion: 50 years later, families seek to be remembered

Those killed and maimed weren’t wearing uniforms like the thousands of Georgians deployed aboard during the war. They were mostly poor, Black women who worked for $1.65 an hour assembling trip flares for the U.S. Army at the Thiokol Chemical Corp. plant in Woodbine.

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