FEMA Flood Map Service Center: Find out the risk to your address.

In Georgia, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration monitors only Fort Pulaski in Chatham County for sea-level trends. The next monitor to the south is located just south of the Georgia line in Fernandina Beach, Florida.

Fort Pulaski relative sea level trend

Regional scenarios for Fort Pulaski, Chatham County

Fernandina Beach, Florida, sea level trend

Regional scenarios for Fernandina Beach, Florida

Environmental Protection Agency: Climate Change Indicators for Coastal Flooding: How frequency of coastal flooding has changed over time. Other research, predictions.

Read Glynn County’s Shoreline Assessment and Implementation Resiliency Plan

Climate Resilience Adaptation Report for Brunswick-Glynn County

Glynn County flood maps

Climate Central: Savannah Sea Level Rise Projection: map showing inundation by 3-foot rise

Chatham County flood information: includes 50% damage and elevation rules.

Chatham County flood zone definitions

McIntosh County flood information, maps

Camden County storm surge hazard information, maps

Bryan County flood information, maps