The National Republican Congressional Committee named Rep. Buddy Carter a Deputy Chair last week. He’s now one of three deputies to chairman Tom Emmer focused on the group’s goal to retake the U.S. House majority in 2022 for the Republicans.

It’s a group that candidates routinely donate to from their own campaign funds to ensure support from the party and its supporting political action groups. Since he entered the House in 2015, Carter has donated $556,744 to the NRCC, according to Federal Election Commission records. In 2020 alone, he donated $95,307. 

According to its website, the group supports the election of Republicans by donating to candidates and party organizations; technical and research assistance to candidates; and voter education and registration programs. It is considered a subsidiary of the Republican National Committee. 

As for committees that are part of his day job as U.S. First District representative, Carter is on the Energy and Commerce and Budget committees in the House.

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