Georgia is lagging behind the national average for clean energy jobs as a share of the workforce, but expecting new jobs in the growing electric vehicle sector.

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Georgia ranks 16th in the country for jobs in clean energy, according to the latest Clean Jobs America report from the business group E2.

The report finds that about 71,111 people in Georgia work in clean energy. But that’s just 1.66% of the state workforce, below the national average of 2.2%.

Clean energy jobs include work in renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, clean fuels and clean vehicles.

Most of those industries took a hit during the pandemic, except one.

“Automakers and suppliers added more than 12,000 jobs — about 12,200 jobs in electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle manufacturing last year,” E2’s Bob Keefe said.

That industry is growing in Georgia: An electric vehicle battery plant is promising more than 2,000 jobs in the state. Apple is reportedly planning to partner with Kia to build its new electric cars here as well.

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