September 13, 2022

Media Contact
Shannon GaNun, Director of Development
912-547-1617 or

SAVANNAH, Ga.— The Current recently announced it has developed a central community calendar to track local government meeting schedules and agendas. The goal of the project, which took 6 months to develop, is to make government participation as painless as possible for Coastal Georgians.

“The best way to prompt the changes you seek in your community is by showing up and telling your representatives what you want,” said Managing Editor Susan Catron. “But first you need to know where to find them and when they are meeting. That information is not easy to come by in Coastal Georgia. That’s why The Current has spent 6 months building a central community calendar tracking local government meeting schedules and agendas.”

You’ll find government meetings and agendas (when posted) for Camden, Glynn, McIntosh, Liberty, Bryan and Chatham counties as well as some development authorities. While many counties and cities place agendas and meetings in different spots, The Current has pulled the links together for citizens in one spot.

“Our goal is to make government participation as painless as possible for citizens by collecting info such as meeting dates and times and depositing them into one easy-to-find place so you can show up,” said Catron. “County commission, board of elections, school board and city council meetings are just some of the public events we are tracking.”

The Current said it will update the page at least twice a week and include links to meeting agendas when available. If the agendas are not available, The Current encourages citizens to speak to their representatives. Says Catron, “After all, they work for you, and you need to know what’s going on in a timely fashion.”

The Current invites feedback on this new initiative. Catron is looking for answers to questions, such as, Is the page helpful? Are there any groups or meetings you would like added? Is there any other information like this that we can provide? She asked users to send them a note at