by Siobhan Egan of Paprika Southern

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Carol Sawdye and Johno Morisano$25,000
Cathy and Philip Solomons$25,000
David Paddison$10,000
Linda Carpenter$10,000
Lindsay Thomas$2,500
Chris Poe$1,000
Lee Echols$1,000
Margaret Minis$1,000
Freda Smith$500
Lesley Francis$360
Paula Kreissler$360
Kevin Ryan$360
Frances Zwenig$360
Leslie Graitcer$250
Marjorie Young$180
Rosemary Mackey$180
Scott Center$180
John Blount$150
James Toedtman$125
Nicholas Rintye$120
Ron Melander$120
Allison Hersh$100
Angi Einstein$100
Jane Fishman$100
Mary Skelton$100
Barbara Sawdye$100
Kevin Squier Austin$100
Emory Morsberger$100
Hunter Hurst$100
Hartford Gongaware$100
Greg Brock$100
David Hobbs$100
Sylvia Severance$100
Lance Lipman$100
Connie Glaser$100
Diane Knight$75
Margaret Coker$60
Gordon Paulus$60
Ann Woolner$60
Evelina Altschiller$60
Patricia Bowman$60
Steve Beatty$50
Debbi Thompson$50
Mary Lou Folts$50
Elizabeth Cain$30
Lisa Smith$30
Ellen Hatcher$30
Eric Curl$30
Mary Helen Moses$30
Ann Fenstermacher$30
Rita Spalding$30
Bert Roughton$25
Richard Coker$20
Clinton Edminster$15
Jennifer Wozniak$15
Patti George$15
Sharon Dunten$10
Meghan Gerard$5

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