– June 15, 2022 –

Spaceport leader job hunting

As Spaceport Camden faces a summer of lawsuits, both state and federal, the county manager and project leader continues job hunting in Florida. Steve Howard was among three finalists interviewed for a county manager position in Seminole County on Friday. Seminole rejected all three. On Tuesday, Howard was among six finalists interviewed for the top job in Collier County. Howard didn’t mention the spaceport, even when asked about infrastructure plans he had managed. That county commission expects to announce its decision on Thursday. Camden County Commission Chairman and spaceport proponent Gary Blount is now a lame duck after losing in the May 24 primary. Things don’t seem to be looking up any time soon for the stalled $11 million project. The proposed county budget allocates no money for Spaceport Camden in the new fiscal year.

Steve Howard is shown during a job interview in Seminole County Friday. Credit: Youtube screen grab: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlLctE8xtAo

Happy trails

Savannah is planning to build an interpretive nature trail as part of a future wetland preservation park near the new Enmarket Arena in the city’s Canal District, just west of downtown. Savannah City Council approved nearly $170,000 for the project last week. The park is meant not only as a recreational amenity but also as a way to hold stormwater and mitigate flooding on this floodplain along the Savannah River, Benjamin Payne of GPB News reports. According to a master plan from the city, the area is served by “the most underinvested stormwater system in Savannah.”

A canal runs along the newly built Enmarket Arena in Savannah. The area is near the planned Wetlands Preserve Park. Credit: Susan Catron/The Current GA

Southern Company knew, too

The phrase “Exxon knew” conveys the fact that the multinational oil and gas company knew the risk of continuing to burn its fossil fuels for decades but still funded climate denialism. A new report from the Energy and Policy Institute provides evidence that Georgia Power’s parent Southern Company knew, too. As early as 1964, “Southern Company was privy to early warnings about the climate risks of burning fossil fuels,” the report states. Southern Company has helped spread climate disinformation since the late 1980s, spending more than $60 million on special interest groups and outside firms involved in climate disinformation campaigns between 1993-2004, an article in the Guardian details.

A 1991 ad run by the Information Council on the Environment, a group Southern Company funded. Screen shot from climatefiles.com

BEACH ADVISORIES: As of this writing, there is only one current, bacteria-related beach advisory. It’s at St. Simons Island, Fifth Street Crossover Beach (Cedar St. to Ninth St.)

Permanent advisories are in place for 3 beaches in the Coastal Health District. They are: Clam Creek Beach on Jekyll Island, St. Andrews Beach on Jekyll Island and the Ogeechee River beach at King’s Ferry County Park.

Before you head to the beach, check the link to see current notices.
Credit: Photo by Shannah Montgomery

Coal gets phased out but batteries not yet in

Georgia Power has agreed to retire two coal-burning units and two gas-fired turbines at two power plants by the beginning of August under an agreement filed with the state utility regulators Monday, Dave Williams of Capitol Beat reports.

But the Atlanta-based utility also would put the brakes on a proposal to develop 1,000 megawatts of energy storage capacity through battery storage by 2030. The agreement indicates battery storage is still too expensive for the reliability benefits it provides.

Georgia Power and the PSC’s Public Interest Advocacy Staff signed off on the 14-page agreement. It still must be approved by the five member Public Service Commission as they continue the process of developing the latest update of the utility’s 20-year plan.

The agreement leaves the decision to retire the two coal-burning units at Plant Bowen up to the PSC. Credit: Capitol Beat

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Savannah to build new interpretive nature trail as part of proposed Wetlands Preserve Park

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